Under $10K Inventory

Find the Deal of the Century at Budget Auto Sales for Less than $10K

Don't pass up the special deals that are now available at Budget Auto Sales in Columbus, GA. We are practically giving away vehicles at these prices. We have everything under one roof, cars, trucks, SUVs, and more. You can find a variety of makes and models and drive away with low monthly payments. These are the perfect deals for new car shoppers and anyone with new credit or no credit. We help you obtain auto financing and back all sales with a customer satisfaction guarantee.

What Kind of Vehicles Can I Find Under $10K?

If you live in the Columbus, GA region, you only have a short amount of time to select from the best of our used car inventory. Find popular models for under $10K a month with no accident damage and plenty of life left in them. These vehicles are prime sellers because they hit the perfect price point for people who don't need a brand-new vehicle or something too luxurious.

They are still relatively new vehicles, with a few years and some miles on them. But just because they are affordable doesn't mean that they are less efficient on fuel or short on power. You will drive far in your new car and won't feel nervous about investing so much as you might with a more expensive model. This is the perfect price range for new shoppers and anyone with credit limits. Even if you have bankruptcies on your record, you will probably get lending approval with proof of income to cover low monthly payments.

You can pay just $200 a month on some of these vehicles and lower insurance rates because less coverage is needed in the event of an accident. It may be thirty or fifty percent of what you'd pay for a brand-new vehicle. Yes, we are one of the few dealers that stock many specials below $10K in the Columbus, GA area. While others may have trouble finding a high-quality selection, we put together the right packages by reconditioning vehicles and working in high volume to source out true beauties at reasonable prices.

How Do I Purchase a Vehicle?

We make it super simple to find the car you love in the Columbus, GA region. You can stop by or call us to see what we have available. We also publish many of our models online to help you shop from home or on the go. Once you see a vehicle that you'd like, it is just a matter of getting approved for financing. This can typically be accomplished in just minutes and allows you to take the vehicle home that same day. Of course, we'd love you to come in for a test drive before you buy to make sure that you've got the right model.

Everyone's needs are different, so we take great care in ensuring that all the details are accounted for in your purchase. We do what we can to help our customers understand the options available to them and how they may benefit from one choice or the other. By putting so much work into marketing and refurbishing these used vehicles for reliability and showroom shine, we are sure that you will enjoy the fruits of our labors.

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Please contact us for more information. We would love to meet you and know that you will love what we have to offer. We have vehicles of all shapes and sizes and a friendly sales team to take you through the full process with ease. Don't spend another minute dumping money into an older vehicle that constantly needs repairs. Buy something newer and save more in the long run.