Why Buy Used?

If you've wondered why you should buy a used car, let Budget Car & Truck Sales in Columbus, GA, and Prattville and Montgomery, AL, give you the major advantages of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. Buying a used car provides more value over a new car because you can buy it for a lower price, experience less depreciation, and get more options. New cars lose as much as 30% of their value in the first year after purchase;1 therefore, choosing a used car that's at least a year or two old would save you a lot of money. Because models with all the bells and whistles usually mean more money on a new vehicle, you can get that fully-loaded auto a couple of years later at a g
reat deal, making a used car purchase a better value. Not to mention, you'll find the best deals in town on a used car from Budget Car & Truck Sales!

Less Risk

There was a time when cars would not make it to 100,000 miles, causing trepidation about used car purchases, but we are far from those days now. Rolling that odometer over to six digits is a common occurrence, and car manufacturers offer powertrain warranties that can last to half of that mileage or higher. Vehicle history reports provide extra peace of mind as well if you're concerned about an auto's past, and you'll get one with your vehicle from Budget Car & Truck Sales!

Lower Insurance Costs, Registration Fees, & Property Taxes

Insurance rates, some registration fees, and some property taxes base their amounts on the car's value, age, mileage, and other condition-related aspects. Choosing a used vehicle - with its lower value, and higher age and mileage - should save you money with all of those ownership expenses.
The reasons to buy used are numerous, and our inventory at Budget Car & Truck Sales is sure to have the vehicle you want to drive home. We can also help you save time and money with our on-site finance department. Browse our inventory online right now, and contact us today to take a test drive!