An iPhone offers more than a way to make phone calls. An iPhone provides a way to access various apps that perform useful functions. Vehicles compatible with Apple CarPlay allow drivers and passengers to run their iPhones through an integrated infotainment system to provide a hands-free way to take advantage of the apps while traveling in their vehicle purchased from Budget Car and Truck Sales.

Apple promotes CarPlay as a safer way to use the device while driving. Voice-operated functions allow someone to make calls, send texts, and leave messages without using one’s hands. The voice function allows users to engage other features.

People like to listen to music, podcasts, and streams while driving. With Apple CarPlay, drivers may travel around Columbus and listen to the lists on their iPhones or use the iPhone to play live feeds.

Get weather and traffic reports and follow GPS directions through CarPlay. Apple developed a product that could make driving easier and more enjoyable in many ways.


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