At some point or another, everyone has to drive in the rain. Whether it's a light sprinkle or a heavy downpour, you should know the basics of how to safely navigate rainfall when on the roads of Columbus, GA.

The effects of rain on driving vary depending on a few factors. The temperature, the road surface you're driving on, and the intensity of the rainfall all matter. Generally speaking, the first thing you should do when it starts raining is slow down. Hydroplaning is when moisture forms a solid, slippery barrier between your tires and the road surface. This occurs at 35 MPH and makes controlling your vehicle much more difficult.

Rain can turn a solid dirt road into an impassable obstacle. If you're going to be doing any off-roading or navigating any out-of-the-way routes, check first to see if rain is in the forecast. Alternatively, make sure you drive a vehicle capable of off-roading.